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Customer Gallery

For your inspiration, here are some dishes our customers have cooked with our seafood!

Tensei “Infinite Summer” Tokubetsu Honjozo with Roasted Branzino with Cherry Tomato and Oregano Salad. This understated yet charming sake really goes well with the simple roasted white fish. 
#sakepairing #tenseihonjozo #komecollective #kumazawashuzo #fishtalesseafoodmkt
Taka “Noble Arrow” Tokubetsu Junmai with Swordfish with Lemon and Fennel.  Fennel flavor is hard to pair with sake, but this Taka is citrusy, mineraly, and serenity, that works great with citrusy and spicy fennel swordfish. 

#sakepairing #takatokubetsujunmai #komecollective #nagayamashuzou #nytcooking #melissackark #fishtalesseafoodmkt
Mimurosugi Kioke Bodaimoto Junmai Daiginjo with Red Snapper with garlic infused, cider-glazed carrots. Umami and rice sweetness  of sake picks up apple cider flavor and tartness. 

#sakepairing #mimurosugi #bodaimoto #mtcsake
Masumi Hiyaoroshi “Sleeping Beauty” with nytcooking yewande_komolafe Coconut Grouper and Tomato Bake. The hint of cocoa and chocolaty flavor of the Hiyaoroshi compliments well with coconut, lime and tomato flavor of this fish. 
#sakepairing #nytcooking #yewandekomolafe #fishtalesseafoodmkt #grouper
Cooked salmon “poke bowls” — loved this and very easy. Marinade salmon for 30 minutes with tamari, banchan, apple cider vinegar and sesame oil (you can sub soy, rice vinegar and neutral oil). Pour directly into skillet and cook 3 minutes per side and start to pull if the smaller pieces are ready. Pro-tip: ask your grocer to cut the fish into cubes and remove the skin for you. Then just slice up anything you like and make your rice. 

We honestly use our zojirushiamerica rice cooker probably twice a week. I also made a quick spicy Mayo with mayo, chili oil and a bit of lime. And of course, some trybachans drizzled on top as well. We like cilantro, radish, avocado, cucumber and red onion.
TEST KITCHEN: Tuna belly + scallop mousse + collard greens
Yamagata Masamune “Inazo” Junmai Ginjo with Clams on the half shells from fishtalesseafoodmkt . Very fresh simple clams is perfect with the sake.
#sakepairing #yamagatamasamune #fishtalesseafoodmkt #siptglobal #clamsandsake
Wild salmon smoked low and slow to yield a tender, intensely flavorful centerpiece