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As Seen On

Fish Tales has received various mentions and shout-outs from internationally-known figures and foodies who love our fresh seafood!

Check out some of our latest media spots.

Bobby Flay

Who makes the Best Manhattan Fish Chowder? John Addis owner of Fish Tales Seafood Market takes on foodie phenom Bobby Flay in a Chowder Throwdown. Also, you can view other video media here, including John making his famous chowder.

Alex Guarnaschelli

Watch as Iron Chef, Alex Guarnaschelli, shops at Fish Tales, her favorite Brooklyn Fish Market. In this episode, Alex decides that she wants to prepare Fresh Bronzino wrapped in papiote with fresh herbs and lemon. Thank You Alex, for shopping at Fish Tales, it was truly an honor!

Alison Roman

Shoutout from Alison Roman on her “Home Movies” video about Slow Cooked Tuna, a must-watch! Thank you, Alison! You’re the best!!!